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Yes...You Can Easily Install Our Planking Yourself

Two people can install a large dining room or bedroom in one weekend!


"I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know what a great product you delivered.

 Everything was well detailed, the instructions were very clear, and you seemed to include everything needed. I know I have a construction background but I would think this could be installed by anyone who can put together IKEA furniture.

Your firm was a pleasure to deal with, and you were very pleasant and helpful.

Thanks again for everything, it looks great.

William Slawter    Quakertown, PA


Customer installed Rustic White Oak planks using rosehead clincher nails

Many of Our Customers Install Our Planks Themselves

This is a great do it yourself project that really just requires your time and with our instructions, minimal skills.  It is one of the most satisfying projects you will ever take on and will be a source of personal pride when friends are awed by the results .  Literally anyone can install our plank system!

What makes this an easy project?

A 12 x 15 room will only need the equivalent of about 30 wide planks!

   Click here for Rustic or Tongue & Grooved plank detailed installation instructions


Save 50% of the Work With Our Pre-drilled Planks

       You can eliminate 50% of the work and 90% of the dirt by ordering your planks predrilled.  For $.30 (thirty cents) a sq ft we will pre-drill the pilot holes for the rosehead nails making this the easiest wide plank flooring to install without question. Marking, drilling and vacuuming the drill debris is about 50% of the physical labor involved in the installation process. (We only drill 85% of the planks leaving 15% for onsite fitting. You will still have to mark and drill a few holes but this option will eliminate more than half of the work.)

It also makes it easier to install if you do not have a nail gun to set the edges in place while you mark and drill the planks.

Contractors and installers take note:

This option will save you tremendous time and money on installations. A crew of two can install double the area of flooring in the same amount of time as our with un-drilled planks!

Our Planks Are The Best Value for the Experienced Do it Yourselfer!

You can save quite a bit on your project by installing our planks yourself!

You won't need to do any heavy sanding or rent any big sanding machines! We've perfected the process of installing prefinished wide planks so it is a clean and easy process.

More than Just Floor Boards

 We won't just deliver flooring and let you figure it out. We provide an easy to follow plan and we will spend as much time as you need to explain the process and talk you through any issues you need to consider. 

I am available to answer your questions 7 days a week.

(As a planning note, our floors should be installed AFTER all other work above the floor is done, except finish moldings. If you would be ready to install wall to wall carpeting you're ready to install our planks.)


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