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Hand Cut Wide Oak Planks

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Handcut Wide Red Oak Planks Rustic White Oak Planks


Hand Cut - Period Style - Wide Red Oak Planks up to 11 Inches Wide 


These are our signature planks up to 11 inches wide and 13 ft long! Each is cut from kiln dried red oak, hand edged with 18th century tools and finished with hand rubbed oil or stains (See "Our Finishes") and top coats.


We offer two size ranges that offer different characteristics and prices. 


Best Value - 6,7,&9 inch Tongue & Groove Planks  (Our biggest seller in wide planks)


A mix of 6,7 & 9 inch wide planks in long lengths (Actual face widths are: 5.75, 7 & 8.25 inches) is available for those who want big planks at a great price.

Long Hand Cut Period Style Planks

  With Hand Rubbed Stain and European Oil Topcoats. Shown here 6,7 & 9 inch planks.

 The colonial rosehead nails are included in the price and are highly recommended for a period style and the tightest fit. (Over 80% of our customers choose to use the nails with these planks.)


Our Largest Planks - 7, 9 & 11 inch Ship-lapped Planks


These are the widest plank floors we offer.  Actual planks widths are 6.75", 8.25", & 10.75" with each floor consisting of about 1/3 of each size for a random look.  They are cut from premium kiln dried red oak stock, hand edged and hand finished. These planks must be top nailed with the colonial rosehead nails. If you like really big planks this is the floor for you!


Because of the extensive time it takes to make these planks, production is limited and sells out early in most months. So, if you're interested in this premium hand cut flooring order early to ensure delivery when you need it.

Raw Planks ready for Hand Cutting. It takes a lot of hard work to turn these boards into finished floor planks.


Our look is foot worn without being primitive!


These floors will have the charm of an old tavern floor with long planks (4 to 13 ft, average about 9 ft), rich texture and detail. This is markedly different from a plank floor sanded perfectly flat and finished wall to wall with glossy polyurethane. 

Hand Cut Edging takes a lot of Time and Energy to Produce and is Authentic to the Period Style. These Planks are Very Unique in Today's Flooring Market


We strive to deliver a look reminiscent of traditional wide plank floors from the 1700's. In fact, we have installed our flooring in several Bucks County, Pennsylvania homes dating back to 1730 and they fit the decor perfectly. 

Hand Finished! Virtually all of our planks are sold pre-finished. (See "Our Finishes") Whether it is our European natural oil or a stained and oiled finish, every coat is hand applied and hand rubbed to achieve a patina that can't be matched by high speed spraying equipment. The Proof! Look on the back of our finished planks (and samples) and you will see our hand prints. 



We hand cut the edges as they did over 250 years ago!

100%  Made in Pennsylvania   Every hand cut wide plank goes through 10 woodworking steps, some using  traditional hand tools. We match every plank against a master plank to check for fit, edging and straightness so you can be sure the planks will fit together perfectly. We add just enough distressing and we pay attention to details like matching custom thresholds and authentic 18th century style nails color-matched to the floor.


- Planks are 3/4 inch thick red oak kiln dried to 8% or less

- Actual widths can vary + or - 1/4 inch depending on stock available. The difference isn't noticeable and the production quantity is adjusted to make sure you receive the total square footage you purchased.

- All top edges are hand cut using spoke shaves, draw knives, files and rasps just as they did 250 years ago. We can selectively distress the planks depending on customer preferences. The best instruction I ever heard from a customer re distressing was " Do it until you are ashamed!" We did and they looked great. We used hatchets, saws, chains, grinders, and everything else we could find.

- Softened, squared edges are available instead of the hand cut edging on 6 inch planks whether you choose to top nail or not.

"Anyone who lives in a true Colonial home steeped in the past will appreciate the craftsmen at Colonial Plank Floors"

Philadelphia House & Home Magazine


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