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Old World 6 inch Rustic Planking

Available with a Beveled Edge or Our Traditional Edging Handcut with 18th Century Tools*


 We also offer pre-finished Rustic White Oak, Hickory and Cherry

 for country settings and colonial style.

Rustic planks will vary in length from 3 feet to 12 feet and will average over 7 feet long!

6 " Rustic White Oak    

Rustic White Oak is extremely hard and full of interesting colors, knots and grains. Shown here with the 18th Century rosehead nails.

White Oak is a fantastic species for flooring. We offer it in a rustic grade with saw marks, knots, sap lines, and unique grains that produce an extremely pleasing floor in rich tones.  It is quite a bit harder than red oak and when finished in the European oil is a very forgiving floor that is easy to maintain.

These planks are best installed with traditional 18th century rosehead nails, however they can be installed using traditional edge nailing .  With the rosehead nails it is a very different look from 6 inch planks from other vendors that are without them.

These planks are tongue and grooved, and are hand finished on the top, bottom and all edges!

*Planks come with a beveled edge included in the price.  A more traditional hand-cut edge using 18th Century tools is available for a slight extra charge.



6 " Rustic American Cherry

Rustic Cherry finished in European Oil and shown with beveled edges

While not as hard as Red Oak, Cherry has a softer, natural color and grain structure. As with the white oak these are rustic planks and because of the rougher texture will tend to accommodate the inevitable dents and marks better than clear cherry planks that look perfect when installed and damaged a year later. Cherry planks will darken considerably with age to a deep reddish brown color.

These planks are stunning when prefinished in the Hardwax Oil and installed with the rosehead nails.

 Our European Hardwax Oil is one of the most beautiful and environmentally safe finishes in the world.   This oil is a micro-porous finish that penetrates and becomes part of the wood.  It is not a wear coat and therefore cannot chip, crack or peel. Photos don't do it justice!

Imported from Germany, where strict environmental standards have been in place for decades, this hard-wax oil consists of thistle oil, sunflower oils, natural vegetable oils, carnauba wax, candallila wax and special hardeners.  On unstained oak it ages to a beautiful golden color that resists stains, wine, alcohol, and water.

It is as hard as polyurethane yet never needs complete refinishing. More accurately, it only requires occasional maintenance which includes easy application of a cleaner wax or the original hardwax oil if necessary to restore the original finish to new condition.

It can be spot repaired perfectly and easily. 

Rustic Hickory in 6 inch Planks

 The hardest domestic wood we offer, (1850 on the Janka Scale)


Rustic hickory is a fantastic choice for country style flooring.

Rustic Hickory finished in OSMO Oil and shown with beveled edges

It has beautiful color variations, knots, splits, and fantastic graining. These 6 inch planks are also bevel cut on the edges, tongue and grooved and average over 7 feet in length.


Available prefinished in Our European Hardwax Oil

If you like extremely rich color variation there is no match for rustic hickory. Cut from the center of the tree these planks will have amazing characteristics.


The picture shows the difference between FAS grade Hickory (the 3 planks on the left) and our Rustic Hickory (the 3 planks on the right).




NOTE: These planks will have significant character marks including knots, saw kerfs, sap lines, unique graining etc.  We recommend an 8% waste factor when ordering to allow selection and cutting of planks to meet your individual tastes.



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