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Our Terms and Policies


Handmade Red Oak Planking

With Natural European Oiled Finish





Price Quotes

Price quotes are valid for orders placed within 60 days of the quote unless  stated otherwise in writing.

Payment Terms

A 50% Deposit is due at the time you place your order

The 50% Balance is due at or prior to delivery:

1.     if paying by credit card payment is due 5 days before delivery or shipment.

2.     If paying by check and shipment will be via common carrier, payment is due 5 days before shipment

3.     If paying by check and we are delivering, you can just hand us your payment when we arrive.


Waste Factors


Recommended percentage waste factors will vary with the square footage you need to cover and the type of planking. For example, 300 sq ft being installed in one big room will take less waste than 300 sq ft covering several small rooms in an old farmhouse.

Based on the information you provide Iíll give you my best judgment as to how much to add. I try my best to make sure you have enough without too much leftover. (We always throw in a few extra feet at no charge just to be safe)


Lead Times


For quantities under 1000 sq ft allow 30 days from the time we receive a deposit until delivery.

For quantities over 1000 sq ft allow at least 6 weeks or more.

Lead times are subject to change based on our current backlog.  We will give you an estimated delivery date when you are ready to place your order.

After producing hundreds of floors we have rarely missed a delivery date and have never been the cause of any project delay.


Delivery Charges


Delivery costs will be included in your fixed price quote. Any extra costs for delivery such as fuel cost increases are our responsibility, not yours.


Storage Fees


If you are unable to take delivery by the agreed upon due date, we will store it for you until you are ready at no extra charge*.


*For free storage we do ask that you pay the total of  the order value by the original delivery date. (ie50% deposit plus 50% by the original due date.)






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