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I haven’t posted to this section in a while so I have a few items to talk about.


New Colors and Finishes

            Over the years we’ve had a lot of requests for lighter brown stain colors without red or orange tones.

We now have 3 color choices in this category:

Coastal Brown – Tavern Brown stain over Coastal Grey stain finished with oil top coats. Think refinished barn boards.

Saddle Leather – Mocha over Spanish oak stain that yields a color lighter than mocha with rich undertones.

Weathered Brown – Like our blackened farmhouse planks we apply one coat of Walnut stain, sand off all the surface color and apply 3 coats of oil finish. A lighter, brown version of the blackened finish

If these colors are of interest to you be sure to ask for samples, after a price quote. 



 Deep Brushing Option

In the last year we’ve developed a brushing process that softens the tool chatter and adds a bit more depth and texture to the surface of the planks.

The effect is a plank that very closely resembles reclaimed rustic oak at a lower price and with more structural integrity than a lot of reclaimed planking




 Easier, Cheaper Shipping

 Crating our long planking for shipments to areas further than about 500 miles from our shop or quantities over 1400 sq ft. is always a challenge.

We used to hope the shipping companies didn’t pull them apart when offloading at their terminals.  We’ve developed a special skid that can hold 1,000 sq ft and thousands of pounds with ease. Planks are still wrapped in packs of two with foam in between for easy unloading.


 It is a far more secure and a less expensive method that works great. 

·         We also have a new freight broker who has been able to obtain freight rates with all the major carriers about 40% lower than we’ve ever gotten on our own.  

·         So shipping our planks to long distances from our shop is easier, more secure and less expensive than ever.



  Oil Finish Maintenance Reminder


Our European oil finish is one of the easiest finishes to live with. However, that doesn’t mean it is maintenance free.

Occasional use of the cleaner wax adds quite a bit of protection against stains and extends the time between replenishing oil coats substantially.

 In kitchens it is important to use the cleaner wax a few times right after installation and then every few months to resist any spotting.

 The cleaner wax is really easy to use and dries in a little over an hour so it isn’t an onerous process and really keeps your planks in pristine condition

5/20/14   Unfinished REMNANTS !

6 inch Wide Rustic White Oak Plank Remnants

18 inches to 50 inches long - Great for Any Room Size

Unfinished, for sand in place installations.

 $1.95/ sq ft (plus PA Sales Tax)

Sold in 10 sq ft Bundles

@ $19.50/ Bundle


Cash and Carry from Our Shop in Colmar PA


Our premium planking averages 9 ft in length, up to 13 ft


To achieve this we always have a significant quantity of short pieces available for sale at prices less than 1/2 of our cost!


A room 11 x 12 is less than $400!


These pieces are tongue & grooved on the side edges and butt joints on the ends.


Planks will have some knots and small holes but we have cut out any large defects that can't be filled.


Limited Quantities Subject to Prior Sale!


Call For Availability


We currently have a waiting list for unfinished remnants. Email us to join the list.

Offer Policies*
  1.  All offers are first come first served. When they are gone they are gone.

  2. Prior Sales Excluded

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