Our Rustic White Oak Planks

Our Best Selling Species of Wood by Far!

White Oak is a wonderful species for flooring. (A great choice if you are a dog owner!)* It is quite a bit harder than red oak and when finished in the European oil is a very forgiving floor that is easy to maintain. These planks have fantastic graining, knots, saw kerfs, sap lines etc. They are unusually long for rustic planking, ranging from 4 to 13 ft with the average about 9 ft. Kiln dried to 6 to 8% for stability. Usually purchased in the 6 inch width (5.75 face width) they are also available in 6,7 & 8 inch widths. Planks over 7 inches must be top nailed with the colonial rosehead nails or fastened with screws & plugs. It is almost indistinguishable from reclaimed, remilled, white oak planking but at a much lower price. These planks work with a wide range of styles and are well suited for dogs and active households. They are tongue and grooved on the edges so you can install them using traditional edge nailing but most customers think they are best installed with traditional 18th century rosehead nails. The rosehead nails are optional on the 6 inch planks but are strongly recommended on the wider planks. Because the oil finish can be spot repaired, you can fix any severe damage pretty easily. As with any wood flooring, we do recommend keeping the dogs nails trimmed and placing water bowls on a waterproof mat.

Options Available:

  • Hand Cut, or Squared and Softened Top Edges
  • Selective distressing in the form of circular saw marks, worm holes, ax marks, etc. no extra charge
  • Stair Treads, bullnose edges, tapered thresholds

* No wood flooring is dog "Proof". However, our customers' experience with the oiled rustic white oak and dogs is very good. White oak is very hard and the rustic nature of the wood hides a lot of marks that the dog will add to the floor. (Hand cut edges hide even better.)

Features of Our Rustic White Oak Planks

  • Lengths up to 13 feet, average about 9 feet
  • Hand Crafted and Hand Finished
  • Hand Cut, Squared and Softened Edges and Ends
  • Selective distressing
  • Tongue & Groove Joint.
  • Suitable for our Blackened and Weathered Finishes

NOTE: These planks will have significant character marks including knots, saw kerfs, sap lines, unique graining etc. We recommend an 8% to 12% waste factor (depending on quantity) when ordering to allow selection and cutting of planks to meet your individual tastes.

Rustic White Oak

6 inch Rustic White Oak with Hand Cut Edging - Hand Finished with 3 coats of European Oil. Oiled Planks will darken slightly and graining will become more robust with age.

Rustic White Oak

Dramatic look of the age blackened planking found in farmhouses, old mills and lofts throughout the country. Just enough distressing to add the character marks of an aged floor without being too primitive.